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Shack on Mobile Devices

Platform Application Location Author
Windows Phone 7 Latest Chatty Windows Phone Store Boarder2/Fleabix
Windows 8 and Windows 10 (Phone, Desktop, Xbox One) Latest Chatty Microsoft Store Boarder2
iPhone Apple Store SqueegyTBS
Android Shack Browse Google Play bradsh
Android ShackDroid (not updated) Google Play stonedonkey
Android ShackDroid (not updated) Amazon Appstore (Kindle Fire) stonedonkey
Android Droid Chatty (not updated) Google Play arhughes
Mobile Browsers ShackToGo stonedonkey
HP/Palm webOS Pretty Visit from your webOS device, or search the App Catalog for "Pretty" drazz

Shack on Desktops

Application Platform Location Author
WinChatty Windows/Mac (requires AIR) Latest version available here electroly
Lamp Windows Full Installer and Update Exe can be found here CRasterImage
Windows 10 Latest Chatty Microsoft Store Boarder2

Shack APIs

While multiple Shack APIs exist, they all share the same basic syntax for accessing data. This allows users of the various clients to use whichever server they prefer (or even host their own.)

Application Platform Location Source Author
Latest Chatty API Rails SqueegyTBS
shack-api-net .NET stonedonkey
winchatty-server php electroly
droidchattyapi php (no documentation) arhughes

Other Alternatives

Link Description Author WinChatty NuSearch is a search engine for the Shacknews comments. It uses its own comments database, and thus it is impervious to Shacknews search outages. electroly Shacknews comments search alternative. See also the greasemonkey script. Main Article: WinChatty Search electroly