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The original Shacknews, Quakeholio was founded in 1996 by Steve "sCary" Gibson, 20 years old at the time, as a website dedicated to following news about the then-upcoming Quake from id Software. Through the years the website evolved to cover more than just Quake, and the name would change multiple times.


ShugaShack logo
ShugaShack logo
"Shugashack" was chosen after Steve Gibson was hired by Hipnotic Interactive, later to become Ritual Entertainment. Steve kept the name/domain after leaving Ritual to work for VRGN. [1]


December 13
A month after being announced ShackES is lauched, a Shacknews sister site dedicated to coverage of the competitive gaming scene headed up by Matt Huey.


February 27
After a few years of frequent spelling confusion and interpreting the name as that of a pornographic website, the site was renamed from "Shugashack" to "Shacknews" [2]
March 6
Save The Shack campaign begins[3] after months of not receiving payments from the UGO Network for adveritsing. Users who donate over $25 receive a "I saved Shack!" t-shirt.
August 21
After years of being almost exclusively a PC-only site, the first Late Night Consoling post went up, by new staff member Jason Bergman [4]. Much hatred followed.


January 23
The comment system gets hacked [5][6][7][8] and the text "oh and btw, I'M GONNA EAT YOUR ASS ON A LIME", a misheard qoute by Mike Tyson made a few days earlier, started to appear on the end of every post accompanied by an image of the boxer, later switching to other text and images (Screenshot 1) including Maarten Goldstein wearing the Shack famous plastic cowboy hat (Screenshot 2). This incident made the Lime meme engraved in Shacknews culture.
March 27
Clay launches Squabble, a Chatty clone that was conceived as an attempt to retain the small community feel of the original Shacknews community without what some users perceived as "heavy moderation" at the time.
FileShack.com, a site dedicated to providing game demos, patches, videos, and miscellaneous game-related files for Shacknews users and others, was launched.


April 23
ShackES closes down.[9]


April 1
Clay shuts down Squabble, creating and perpetuating the SHUT IT DOWN CLAY meme.
June 29
The Shack database server died, taking with it all the news stories and comments on the Shack. Backups were available, but for the comments section it was about a year old and this resulted in a year's worth of comments lost forever. This event is referred to as The Great Database Crash.


June 18
A major redesign of the site goes live. The old, full-width, green and black layout is replaced with a fixed-width, cream, red and black layout.
July 17
not work safe designs the Shacknews Crest for use of best of E3 2007 article on Shacknews, the crest is later used as a brand of the Shacknews Community.


Shacker SqueegyTBS created and released the Shack API, a script that can read the comments of any Shack article and reproduce it in a machine-readable format. This gave birth to a plethora of alternative ways of accessing the Latestchatty. The most notable was LatestChatty.app, which enabled iPhone users to read and post to the Shack, even taking photos using the iPhone's camera and uploading them. This new ability for many Shackers to post from, anywhere in the world created a whole new theme of threads, wherein people will take photos of where they are at that moment, usually because they are bored, and start a thread about it.


February 3
Shacknews and all related Shacknews destinations were acquired by GameFly.com. [10]


September 21
dognose plays Duke Nukem Forever


February 23
Shackpocalypse! Shacknews undergoes a major design and function overhaul referred to as NuShack. It originally received a mixed but mainly positive response from chatty goers. However, the new design brought many bugs and many still remain. See Newchattyissues.
Major changes to the chatty include:
  • changes to colour scheme
  • cleaner version of the Shack message system
  • creation of an official chatty API for third party chatty apps
  • removal of user profile pages and user game library but due to community feedback, may be brought back at a future date
  • integration of front page comments and the latest chatty page
  • articles from the front page automatically displays a new thread in the chatty containing comments from the article page itself
  • threads will no longer appear in the chatty after 24 hours from the creation date but continue to exist in the database just like before
July 8-10
First ever ShackCon is held in Las Vegas, NV


January 21
daVinci1980 creates chattyprofil.es to replace functionality lost when Shacknews transitioned to NuShack, which causes the Opt-out Onslaught days later.
July 5-9
ShackCon 2.0 is held in Las Vegas, NV


March 11
[fry] declares that Shacknews has hit a dry spell, but foresees roughly two months of epic Shack posts. [11]
April 30
Shacknews undergoes site maintenance, inadvertently knocking out most Shack 3rd party apps, including Shack API's. Local superheroes called in to fix the situation. InfoBiter declares April 30 to be Shack 3rd Party App Appreciation Day. [12]
May 9
ThomW adds farting noises to the Shack LOL site whenever anyone scrolls through the page. Bamtan is among those who learn about this update the hard way. [13]
June 3
By popular demand, Shacknews now starts directly at the /news page, just as it did in the pre-NuShack era. Chatty rejoices over the death of the unpopular home page. [14]
July 4-7
The third annual ShackCon is held in Las Vegas, NV
June 11
By a different kind of popular demand, ThomW has allowed Shackers to opt-out from fartscrolling on the Shack[lol] page. He has also declared anti-fartscrollers to be haters of freedom and lovers of $40 jeans and Olive Garden.
July 26
Andrew Yoon officially begins his Reign of Terror and introduces review scores to Shacknews. [15]
November 4
Yellow stars are added to indicate OP's. Chatty takes the change well. (No, not really.) [16]
November 5
Following outrage from Chatty, mods, and Shacknews staff members alike, yellow stars are sent back into space. OP posts are now indicated by a much more subtle bubble over the OP's name. And thus began the bubblepocalypse[17]
November 23-25
Search goes out for the weekend, taking many Shack API's down with it. As the fix is prepared the following Monday, Chatty learns that there exists no hotline to call about these issues. [18]


January 18
Asif Khan secretly purchases Shacknews from Gamefly. [19]
January 14
Shackfoods makes its triumphant return to the internet utilizing Shackwiki, because, fuck it, why not.
January 20
Fileshack is shutdown.[20]
March 13
Internet detective r_picmip 5 questions the ownership of Shacknews. [21]
March 14
Alice O'Connor bids farewell to Shacknews in an emotional (and uniquely Alice) farewell post. [22]
May 20
Joe Tirado [23] and Andrew Zucosky[24] introduce themselves to the meatgrinder.
May 28
During the livestream of Watch_Dogs Samantha Leichtamer, Joe Tirado, and Andrew Zucosky accidentally announce the next Shacknews redesign and also the sale of Shacknews was finally made public along with the merger of GamerHub.TV into the new Shacknews.com [25]
May 30
Joe Tirado reveals mock-ups for the upcoming Shacknews relaunch, while Asif Khan A.K.A. the man with the briefcase introduces himself and announces plans for the WILDEST...SHACKCON...EVER!!!
June 30
Chattycast launches.
July 3-6
ShackCon 2014 held in Las Vegas, NV
July 3
GnuShack launches
July 9
GnuShack launches
July 10
Andrew Yoon bids farewell.
Steven Wong becomes Editor in Chief.
GnuShack launches
July 14
The Zemanova Supernova [26] spawns out of an innocent trolling post made by Dschinghis Khan [27]
Rauol Duke lets it be known that the moderators are discussing the possibility of banning porn dump posts. Chaos ensues [28]
Megara9 posts a proposed set of rules [29]
It is revealed that MercFox1 likes to watch staymighty eat sandwiches [30]
xxiv proclaims the end of Shacknews [31]
ThomW reveals the moderators' true identities [32]
EricZBA reveals the moderators have ascended into glorious asexual beings [33]
General chaos and lamentation occurs
July 16
Portax returns from the dead with a call for calmness [34]
July 17
After three days of Porn Riots, helvetica makes the official announcement that the day of reckoning is upon us [35]
July 23
electroly announces that you can now send a shackmessage to Duke Nuked if you need to contact a moderator. The message will be posted to the super secret modboard where any moderator who is online can see it and respond. Abusing this feature will result in an immediate week ban. [36]
July 31
ThomW was nuked for our sins and rose on the third refresh [37] [38]
Rauol Duke de-nukes the thread and announces he stepped down as head moderator "a while back". A new head mod has been selected but they are in the process of moving. Current Vegas top favorites are Dave-A and vile. [39]
Dave-A claims responsibility [40]
2014 Shacknews logo
2014 Shacknews logo
September 27
the man with the briefcase shares the new Shacknews mission statement and logo plus announces another site redesign, this time including Chatty. [41]
October 7
Shacknews 10 launches, the man with the briefcase announces staff changes with himself taking role as CEO of Shacknews along with John Gaudiosi as the COO & Editorial Director with Steve Watts being promoted to Editor-in-Chief.
November 2
Dave-A finds the obituary [42] for Tyler J. Smith (a.k.a. theangrywaffles). Chatty mourns his passing. [43]
November 28
Haxim dies for our sins
December 14
The day the [lol]s died [44]
December 16
Several mods invade a live Twitch stream being held by the man with the briefcase to very unprofessionally air their perceived grievances [45] [46] and then proceed to halt their moderation duties without notice.
December 17
OzzieMejia takes over moderation duties, stating that "Moderation will now resume with no further interruptions. Rules will continue to be enforced as they have been until further notice. If you have any questions, SM Duke Nuked. That is all." [47]
December 18
OzzieMejia relaxes the Rosewood Rule [48]


April 1

The man with the briefcase changes the the chatty over to the Facebook comment system, no one is amused. [49]


Let it be known

Shacknews becomes a website for men who shamelessly enjoy sexual intercourse with other men, as predicted by [fry] ([50]).