The Great Database Crash

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There have been three database crashes in Shacknews history with all of them at one time or another being referred to as "The Great Database Crash"


The first database crash, the effects can still be seen today in the profiles of veteran Shackers that show their registration date happening after the date of their first post.


A minor database crash, especially compared to the one that happened to 2004.


On June 29 2004 the Shacknews database server died, taking with it all the news stories and comments on the Shack. Backups were available, but the one for the comments section was about a year old.

When most Shackers referrer to "The Great Database Crash", this is the one they are most likely referring to, not only because it is the most recent, but because it was the most significant with such a vast amount posts lost.

Because of this crash, a large portion of Shacknews history was lost too.