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Steam Groups

Shackers playing games on Steam
Some groups are public, some are invite-only. If you are interested in joining an invite-only group, simply make a post in the Latest Chatty and ask nicely. Be sure to post a link to your Steam profile. If you are creating a group, it is recommended that you set the group to invite-only so that evil bots don't join and spam members. Remember, evil bots kill kittens-- think of the kittens.

Primary Groups

Here are primary groups that aren't game specific:
Group Name Abbreviation Group Link
Primary Group Shacknews Shack
Shacknews EU Group Shacknews EU SEU

Game Specific

Below are the groups that are game-specific.
Game Name Group Name Abbreviation Group Link
Alien Swarm ShackSwarm swarm
Aliens vs. Predator Shacknews AvP ShackAVP
Altitude Shack Altitude shackalt
ArmA II Shacknews ArmA II ArmA
ArmA 3 Shacknews ArmA III ShackArmA3
Battlefield: 2142 ShackPAC SPAC
Battlefield: Bad Company Shacknews BF:BC2 ShackBC2
Borderlands Shacknews Borderlands ShackBL
Brink Shacknews Brink ShackBrink
Burnout Paradise Shacknews Burnout Paradise ShkBurn
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Shacknews COD4 SD4
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Shacknews COD:MW2 shackcod
Call of Duty: Black Ops Shacknews CoD: BLOPS Shack BLOPS
Call of Duty: Ghosts Shacknews CoD: Ghosts Shack Ghosts
Civilization IV ShackBattle Royale
Civilization V Shacknews Civ V shackciv5
Company of Heroes ShackCoH Shack
Counter-Strike: Source Counter-Strike: Source Shack CS
DayZ Shacknews Day Z SHKDZ
Diablo Shack Diablo Society SDS
DotA Shack DotATime
Duke Nukem Forever Shacknews Duke Nukem Forever ShackDNF
Empire: Total War Shacknews ETW ShackETW
Grand Theft Auto 4 Shacknews GTA IV
Killing Floor KillingShack kills
Left 4 Dead 1/2 Shack Left4Dead SL4D
Living Legends Shacknews Living Legends snll
Magika Shacknews Magicka SHCKMagicka
Minecraft ShackMiners SM
Monday Night Combat Shacknews Monday Night Combat shackmnc
Natural Selection Shacknews Natural Selection Group SNS
Natural Selection 2 Shacknews: Natural Selection 2 ShackNS2
Payday 2 Shacknews Payday 2 SHACKPD2
Portal 2 Shacknews Portal 2 ShackP2
Red Alert 3 Shack RA3 ShackRA3
Red Orchestra Shacknews Red Orchestra Group
Serious Sam: FE / SE SeriouslyShack srlsy
Starcraft Shacknews Starcraft ShackSC
Starcraft 2 Shacknews StarCraft 2 shacksc2
Star Trek: Online ShackFleet SHACKSTO
Street Fighter IV Shacknews Street Fighter SNSF
Team Fortress 2 Shacknews TF2 ShackTF2
Unreal Tournament 3 Shacknews UT3 shackUT3

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