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This page discusses Competitive Multiplayer games that Shackers play together. If you prefer Cooperative Games, check out Coop Gameplay Groups.


aka all the questions about Shackers PC gaming but were afraid to ask

Does the Shack really still game on the PC?


How often are Shackbattles?

Depending on the game, it can be a weekly thing or just when someone is able to drum up enough interest in one. Here are ways you can stay on top of things:
  1. Pay attention to the Chatty for any announcements!
  2. Check out the Shackbattles calendar:

Where can I Shackbattle with shackers?

The shack has several Steam groups, a Xfire group, and an entire website dedicated to finding a good game playing with fellow shackers (Just make a post!). I'm sure there are groups that I'm leaving out and Shackers should put that info in the thread replies.

I have a great idea for a game server that I think the Shack would love to play! Who can I contact about setting up a server for it?

You can contact any of the folks above for setup or guidance. I personally have helped many shackers with server setups either hosting it or helping them host it. I think any of the folks above with active servers are willing to help.

Any rules?

Yes. Don't be an asshat, we are a pretty sensible community of folks who tend to take gaming way too seriously but overall it's a great honor and challenge to survive a game with Shackers. Most of all it's fun, the games don't get filled with the bullshit of a regular public server. No one likes to play with a griefer and we actively harass and embarass anyone who does grief on the latest chatty. Another good rule is to try to use your Shackname as your in-game name. It helps admins identify you and it also connects you back to the Shack community!

MMO's. Does the shack have an active guilds?

Yes we do, now whether they are made up completely of shackers is questionable. Searching through current comments I've come across a few names but nothing definitive. The games that Shackers are playing:
  • World of Warcraft
  • Lord of the Rings Online - Silverlode - Ghosts of Gladden Fields
  • EVE Online
  • Dungeons and Dragons Online - (Cannith)
  • Aion
  • Planetside 2
  • Mechwarrior Online
If someone has better information on this please add it.

So I think I'm ready to join you guys, what do I do?

Awesome! Read this FAQ and join a steam group! Join Xfire and follow guys into games. Some of the best pubs I've found to play on are from following other Shackers into the game they are playing. You also can see what others are playing and find out about a game right from the source.

Xbox 360/Playstation 3 Shackbattles FAQ

How can I participate in Shackbattles on Xbox Live or PSN?

Currently, Xbox Live and PSN do not have any custom group feature like in Steam, you'll just have to pay attention to the chatties for any announcements. If you're a Twitter user, you can also follow shackbattles for any upcoming events.
You'll also have to add at least one other participating Shacker to your friends list as most games don't allow you to specify servers to join. Most games allow you to join games that your friend is playing. Xbox Live also has a Party feature that allows several people to stick together when playing.

What's the best way to set up a Shackbattle on Xbox Live or PSN?

If you think you've got enough people to set up a Shackbattle for (playing by yourself isn't really a Shackbattle.. not really), make a post in the chatties.
  1. Grab Attention. Traditionally, one would make liberal use of the Shacktags to grab the attention of fellow Shackers but be sure not to go over the top.
  2. Plan ahead. Not all Shackers check the chatties 24/7 so keep that in mind as you'll probably have to make several posts across several chatties to get maximum exposure to the masses.

How do I know if I have enough Shackers for a Shackbattle?

If the Shackhype is strong enough, you'll probably have enough people to set up a game with. Otherwise, check out the Xbox 360 and PS3 sections of GameWith.Us and see how many Shackers are available.

Shack Servers

A full list of game servers can be found here.

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