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television, had quite a bit of work experi...


Lamp Sand Lime

See: Lamp Sand Lime

A mega meme combined from three lesser memes, and is where the Shacknews Crest comes from. It stems from a Mike Tyson rant and other sources.

Specific Memes

Television, had quite a bit of work experience.

Steve Gibson one day tried to edit a post of his to read "Television, had quite a bit of work experience" because he had misspelled "Television" as "Telivision" in his original post. Embarrassed by his spelling mistake, he tried to edit his post directly in the database, but instead of editing only his post he edited everybody's posts so all posts read "Television, had quite a bit of work experience".

Bored Edgewise

See: Edgewise Meme

A picture from a Shackmeet of a bored man playing a fake guitar gave birth to the Edgewise Meme.


Some people put long posts in a reply to a root post to avoid cluttering things up. Really dumb people don't bother to type up said long post prior to posting "stupid stuff in reply" as the root post. This shackphrase originated when there was a root "in reply" post and pupismyname posted it when he got tired of waiting for the long post.

Set sail for dick!

The Cockboat

The cockboat comes from a parody Dilbert comic posted by Kiwi Man. The orignal post is lost due to The Great Database Crash of 2001, but still shows up in Shacknews search

virus posted the first ascii cockboat on the Shacknews.[1]


See it in action here or as an animated gif.

* X ' D *

This meme started from people copying what happened to posts that were nuked under the original comment system. Originally, the comment text of nuked posts were replaced with the text * N U K E D * and the author name of the post was changed to 'Duke Nuked'. People started copying this for emphasis, such as * O W N ' D * or * M E T R I C ' D * (seen here). Some instances of this meme have become very elaborate [examples needed].

This should always be formatted as red, bold, all caps text with a space between each character to properly follow the meme, as taught by haiku.


Started when Wunderbred quit Shacknews (the first time) and posted a link to a text file named "thanks.txt" (mirror) with a list of all the shackers he hated and liked over the years. Now used whenever someone declares that they are leaving Shacknews.

Malum signed off... forever on December 1st, 2007. The original post was nuked but YTMND preserved.

On 3/22/2012, XJC1a finally self destructed and posted his thanks.txt.


This is a reference to how zakazi discovered in his search history that his nephew was looking for pornography.

"I found search history from my 6-7yr old nephew that said "NAKED GIRLS BUT SHOW THEM TO ME" Apparently he didn't find what he was looking for the first time."

Welcome to the world of *. You're in for a hell of a ride

Reference to a response by ArB as a reply to The Key. The Key was wondering whether or not he should get a paper shredder. ArB gave him more "info" than he needed.

"You're going to want to spend a minimum of 800 dollars on a paper shredder. Any less than that and the quality is going to be so low you'll want to replace the damn thing within 5 years, but you won't be able to because your identity will have been stolen and your bank account emptied.

If you're serious about shredding, get something with carbide cutting heads and at least a .5HP motor. I have a Rawlings-Chamberlain MK220 AKA "The Silver Knight" . It comes fully loaded with a dual rubber roller feeder and 6 layer hopper to separate different kinds of paper, wood, metal, etc.. I can shred a New York telephone book in under 15 seconds. The built in milling computer lets me customize the shred pattern to meet any security needs. I prefer a 3mm parallelogram with bilateral fiber separation. You can't even make out individual characters on those things.

Send me an IM if you're serious about this. Welcome to the world of paper shredding. You're in for a hell of a ride. "


When someone makes a post complaining about something wrong in their life, but comes off as subtle bragging to others. For example, they may mention aspects of their life which are better than the many shacker's lives, and complain about how those things could be better.


Person 1: I have to go a catholic church with my girlfriend in a couple of hours. I have not been to a church in months save for a visit to a buddhist temple with dognose
Person 1: I am thinking about upgrading my computer Core i5 to a Core i7, is it time?"
Person 2: MY COMPUTER"

This meme's history preceeds the shack somewhat, for example, schmorky made a reference on something awful during his weekend web flash videos.

mikecyb made this post, which may be the first shack usage. Later on that month boring gegtik made this usage, which was replied to by filthysock references "Upstanding Citizens Brigade" and suggest we watch "the little donny episode" indicating a possible pre-schmorky / somethingawful origin.


Reference to a post by user Diego84 (probably italian, judging by another post), a newbie who started a thread with very confusing writing in the chatty asking how to download Team Fortress 2. Evildanish's speculation is that he saw the (currently disabled) library and thought he would be able to download games from there. Most posts don't make much sense, calling the shack a "classic scam site", but one specifically started the meme.



eldersveld made a thread that linked to an image attempting to make fun of Apple in which -Panther- replied "I don't own a single mac thing (ergo, not a fan) but I don't see what the joke is. It's like putting up a picture of deer drinking from a lake with the caption "HOLY SHIT, I BET IT'S THIRSTY"

thekidd took it upon himself to actually find an image of a deer drinking from a lake and photoshopping in the caption "HOLY SHIT, I BET IT'S THIRSTY"

The deer on the top of the Shacknews Crest represents this meme.

Pink Hoverboards

Reference to a post by Dgriffin04, a girl who discovered LatestChatty by downloading the app from the App Store back in '09.

She also posted everything in pink trying to gather some attention and "be different".


Slowtreme was selling his bike on Craigslist and the person who was interested was a moron and for some reason had "R.I.P. DON." at the end of every text message he sent. Screen shots of the text conversion, Original thread.

Please Understand

An internet wide meme of Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata made popular on Shacknews by the man with the briefcase.