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In the late spring of 2010 Persuxe (Deceth) organized a Left 4 Dead 2 Scavenge Tournament:


  1. The teams are broken into two brackets, East and West. Each team will play the other teams in the bracket twice on each map. The top two teams from each bracket with then proceed to the semi-finals. In the event of identical W-L records, the team with higher # of map victories will advance. In the event of identical W-L records and map wins, a sudden death match will take place. Sudden death match will be 1 map, best of 3 rounds, on c6m2 (passing 2).
  2. Teams must have 4 players in a match. If a team is short handed or a no-show, they will forfeit after a 10 minutes grace period with no advance notice of a problem.
  3. Matches are to be played on Saturdays and Sundays, consisting of a three round game on 3 pre-determined maps. All thee maps will be played, even if one team already has won twice, as maps won is a tiebreaker for getting in the semi-finals. Typically, games will occur at 7pm, of the relevant time zone (EDT / PDT)
  4. There are two map sets for seasonal matches. Set 1 is played on Saturdays and is Plank Country, Mall Atrium, and Motel. Set 2 is played on Sundays and is Park, Sugar Mill and Milltown
  5. Rescheduling matches: 48 hours advance notice is required for rescheduling. Any agreed upon time with the opponent team is fine, with a final deadline of the following Thursday to play the match. Opponent team retains the right to demand a forfeit.
  6. Substitute players/alternates: Teams short handed may choose from the following players for alternates, so long as the opponent team agrees with the replacement. A team may only have 1 substitute in play during a match. The opponent team retains the right to win by forfeit. Substitute players may be used in the semi-final match, but not in the finals. Wheatloaf, bld, .frame, mylsed, drakoniac, skull the troll, zii, james, maddog, ck.entropy, vile.
  7. A demo of play must be recorded from each side, from round start to end of the 3rd map. Team captains are responsible for submitting screenshots of the score at the end of each map, showing the point totals for each round. If there are any disputes, submit the demos with explanations for review within 3 days.
  8. Server issues: If the Shack tournament servers are down or there are issues with lag, teams may use a regular lobby and try official dedicated servers only. If there are server problems mid-match, such as a crash, or poor performance (poor latency, etc), the current round will be replayed in its entirety. If a replacement for a server crash or lag issues cannot be found, the match may be postponed and rescheduled at the discretion of either team, or be marked as a tie.
  9. If a player disconnects or drops from the server, the current round will be replayed in its entirety. This restart can only be used once per team per map, to prevent exploitation. If the player does not return and a substitute does not take their place within 10 minutes, the team missing the player will forfeit.
  10. For teams with more than 4 players, each member must play every map at least once. It will be up to the team captain’s discretion to arrange game time for their players.
  11. No throwing pipe bombs before starting timer or otherwise attempt to move the gas cans or gain any other advantage not typically available in a match (no map exploits, etc).
  12. No standing on generators/cars while pouring in gas, as spit cannot land on these objects, only around them.


East Division

National Organization of Men Against Amazonion Masterhood (NO MAAM)

  • Alphablu
    • cellx25
    • KangDang
    • CoyoteRys
    • dvldog760

Oily Oysters (OO)

  • Thecatinthehat
    • Dschinghis Khan
    • flagg209
    • kainen1
    • IntoTheFray + Symphony

Valve Time (VT)

  • Mercfox1
    • Hamgasm
    • Lexicon_Leidun
    • Socksta
    • Whiteshack (theWhite)

Intense L4D Teammate Cooperation (ILTC)

  • Troz
    • ConsFEARacy
    • Aether
    • Supermonkeyballz
    • Asturais

West Division

The Fashionably Early Tanks (TFET)

  • Barrysanders
    • Jimmy-Buffett
    • Jikim
    • StolenNosferatu
    • Supalink

My Lil Pwnies (MLP)

  • Deceth
    • gnomish
    • hirez
    • justwright
    • MuteMode
    • Rooster Cockburn

Forced Buttsimilation (FB)

  • Alco
    • Dhavatar
    • Eirei
    • Juno

The Can Handlers (TCH)

  • Jcrockerman
    • Harold_johnson
    • OverloadUT
    • Qball
    • Thornfist
    • Tinfoilhatter


Link to Google Doc spreadsheet

Maps Division week 1- June 5, 6 week 2 - June 12, 13 week 3 - June 19, 20
Set 1
(Plank, Mall, Motel)
EST NO MAAM (2-1) vs VT OO vs VT (3-0) NO MAAM vs OO (2-1) NO MAAM (2-1) vs VT
EST OO vs ILTC (2-0-1) NO MAAM (2-1) vs ILTC VT vs ILTC (2-1)
PST TFET vs MLP (2-1) TFET vs FB (3-0F) TFET (2-1) vs TCH
PST FB (2-0-1) vs TCH MLP (3-0F) vs TCH MLP (3-0) vs FB
Set 2
(Park, Sugar Mill, Milltown)
EST NO MAAM (3-0) vs OO NO MAAM vs VT OO vs VT (3-0)
EST VT (3-0) vs ILTC OO vs ILTC (2-1) NO MAAM (3-0F) vs ILTC
PST TFET(2-1) vs TCH TFET (2-0-1) vs MLP TFET (3-0) vs FB
PST MLP vs FB (2-1) FB (0-3F) vs TCH (0-3F) MLP vs TCH (2-1)


week 7- July 17 (Port, Mall, Motel, Time TBD, Best of 3 rounds) week 7 - July 18 (Mall, Motel, Sugar Mill, Time TBD, Best of 5 rounds)
Semifinal A@9pm EST/6pm PST: NO MAAM (2-1) vs MLP NO MAAM vs. TFET
Semifinal B: VT vs. TFET (2-0)



Link to Google Doc spreadsheet
3 points awarded for wins, 1 for ties.

Shacknews L4D2 Scavenge Tournament Standings (Updated June 23th)
Team Captain Overall Map Wins Overall Map Losses Overall Ties W-T Points (Tiebreaker) Match Wins Match Losses
NO MAAM alphablu 13 5 0 39 5 1
Oily Oysters Thecatwithoutahat 3 14 1 10 1 4
Valve Time MercFox1 12 6 0 36 3 3
I.L.T.C. TroZ 7 10 1 22 3 3
The Fashionable Early Tanks barrysanders 10 7 1 31 4 2
My Little Pwnies Deceth 10 7 1 31 3 3
Forced Buttsimilation Alco 7 10 1 22 3 3
The Can Handlers jcrockerman 4 13 1 4 1 5


The number in each cell shows how may maps the team in that row won over the team of that column

Eastern Matchups
NOMAAM OO VT ILTC Set 1 Wins Set 2 Wins
NO MAAM X 4 4 2 7 6
Oily Oysters 2 X 1 2 1
Valve Time 2 6 X 4 6 6
I.L.T.C. 1 4 2 X 5 2

Western Matchups
TFET MLP FB TCH Set 1 Wins Set 2 Wins
The Fashionable Early Tanks X 3 3 4 3 7
My Little Pwnies 1 X 5 4 8 2
Forced Buttsimilation 3 2 X 2 5 2
The Can Handlers 2 2 0 X 1 2