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Rayholycross83 always delivers pics.


His ex is a cheating bitch. He sets out to cleanse himself by sleeping with all the world's women.


  • Rayholycross83
  • Cheating ex aka bitch
  • Bar hookup aka zero hour
  • Asian chick
  • Unnamed girl aka #2
  • Restaurant pickup aka Rack of Lamb


12 Jan: Ray takes a trip because of a family affair, takes a pic of his empty plane. Girlfriend freaks out and Ray decides to dump her. Needs to wait and secure Xbox, though.

14 Jan: Ray discovers she is cheating on him via text.

15 Jan: Ray has a mission! But where to start...

16 Jan: Picks up a chick in a bar. Posts pics like a champ. Lays down the truth on his nagging ex... Soon women are offering to suck his dick anytime.

17 Jan: Ray picks up his restaurant server by talking about Portlandia. Gets and posts pics. Spends the evening with #2 and her tits.

18 Jan: Receives more interest from Rack of Lamb. It comes out that Ray has seriously pissed some people off in the past

18 Jan: deathofrats finds evidence that Ray is lying / has lied about something else. Making people wonder if his story is a lie too.

20 Jan: One of Ray's Exes finds the shack: [1] (it seems legitimate as the email referenced appears in numerous posts from months ago on several other sites Exhibit 1 Exhibit 2 Exhibit 3)
RayHolyCrossVictim Post History: [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] (Links brought to you by the Nuke Preservation Society of Shacknews Dot Com)

20 Jan: Another (or the same Ex posting under a different username) posts several more comments, one allegedly containing a NWS link of Mr. Holycross [11]

20 Jan: Someone under the name RayHolyCrossConMan sends various people a ShackMessage trying to promote their message [12]

20 Jan: Ray's ex writes an open letter to shack news on her blog [13]

21 Jan: Another update by Ray's ex on her blog trying to communicate with shacknews [14]

25 Jan: Another ShackMessage lands in various shacker's inboxes [15]