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Issues. New Shacknews has them.

Bugs or Errors

This list is for errors that affect the operation of the site.


Type Description Notes
Usernames Users can register usernames using unicode characters (ie. all unicode spaces, replacement unicode characters to impersonate other users, etc.) Example Should only allow A-Z, a-z, 0-9, spaces, underscores, dashes.


Type Description Notes
UI Tag legend when creating a new comment (not replying) is too small and cut-off. Example
URLs often have a space at the end of the links, causing breakage
Attempting to view a nuked post shows the error "All comments on this page are excluded by your comment filters. Update your comment filters to see these threads." which implies it's a problem with the user's filter settings when it is not. Text for nuked posts should simply read:
* N U K E D *
Threads with nuked subthreads display strangely when they are truncated. Example.
Many old posts link using ja.zz and are broken. Implement a redirect for /ja.zz to /chatty
Sometimes posts will return "post script given invalid data" when trying to reply, making everyone unable to reply to the thread.
Occasionally see blank posts with no author and no timestamp appear at the top of the chatty. Example Are these posts that are in the process of being cached?
Code tag is supposed to turn off the parsing of Shacktags within the code tag, so that it's safe to paste code in there. It doesn't


Type Description Notes
Functionality Shackmessages will randomly not be sent. Process goes through OK but the message is never received by the intended recipient and the message will not go to the Sent Items folder
UI "Message" label in Shack Message UI is anchored very low and sometimes cut-off.
UI Sorting is not kept when moving between pages of shackmessages. If you sort on a field, when you move to the next page of results it loses the sorting.


Type Description Notes
Functionality Browsing directly to simply returns an error and has no input boxes
Functionality Word-stemming search features negatively impact chatty search results as discussed at - probably should be an optional 'exact match' option
Functionality Search currently only does exact phrase matching. When I search for skyrim video I want to find posts like "Dudes, check out this awesome video I found of Skyrim", not posts that have those terms in that exact order. This makes search nigh useless unless you're only searching for one term, or know exactly what phrase you're looking for.
Functionality Cannot return a list of all informative or NWS posts. Search requires that search terms are submitted
Functionality Default solr word stop list prevents some users from doing vanity searches Example, searching for Just A Girl actually searches for Just Girl because "A" is on the word stop list making it impossible to search for that username.
UI Too large of font, too much wasted whitespace, not long enough preview, not enough search page numbers in chatty search results
UI Pressing enter doesn't run the search, you must click the search button
UI Cursor does not default to being in searchbox
UI Shacktags are not parsed in search results, this is especially bad for spoilers.
UI Search results don't force a linebreak which makes results occasionally overrun the sidebar. Example


Type Description Notes
Functionality Can still use page numbers/arrows to navigate 5 pages of results even when less than 5 pages of results exist. Example

Feature Requests

This list is for features people would like to see restored to the chatty, or any new ideas.

Section Description Notes
Profiles Profiles Profiles
There used to be a page where you could see a list of logged-in users. It was especially handy for tracking down an online mod if you needed one.
Article There doesn't see to be a way to see the past chatty article texts. Searching for old posts show them under the current chatty article, and the charry articles aren't listed in the news page.
Article Allow articles to display comments the way the chatty does (multiple root posts), but still have those comments display as aggregated into a single thread in the chatty.
Article Chatty articles are posted only once a day (no ER, only MD) or even less (no chatty article for Wed, March 9th). The also don't seem to feature links to funny videos or summaries of the day's news like the ER posts used to usually do, making them much less interesting and spawning fewer topics of conversation in the chatty More of a content suggestion than a technical issue.
Chatty Mods need a way to merge threads. 90% of the time there's already a thread devoted to discussing a topic before the official shacknews story goes up, it would be valuable to aggregate those existing comments in. It would also be nice to cut down on the amount of reposted threads.
Chatty Mods need a way to 'tag' threads to a particular game so that the threads show up in the game's chatty page (ie. tag a post in the chatty as "Portal 2" so that a copy of the thread is viewable at
Chatty Allow mods to prematurely expire threads. This gets them out of the chatty without removing the root post.
Search Allow specifying a date range on the search page
ShackMessages Can't send Shackmessages to multiple users at once. Previously, you could separate names with commas to send a message to a comma-separated list of Shackers
RSS feeds The previous RSS feeds for interesting comments (and I believe there were others) no longer work and don't seem to have replacements
UI The CSS class 'this_user' which used to tag your posts no linger exists and makes highlighting your name / posts harder for custom scripts / styles Chromeshack appears to have a workaround for this.
Posts don't stay collapsed after refresh. Scrips/extensions can add this functionality, but it should be implemented into the site.



greg-m has been posting updates as they're pushed to the chatty
Resolved bugs will be moved to the table below, just in case they crop up as issues again and need to be re-added.

Type Description Notes
Posts don't immediately show up (requires a refresh of the thread after posting) as a result of memcache being used Some Discussion Works properly when viewing an individual thread, but NOT when posting from the main chatty.
Users can press submit as many times as they like on a post while it's submitting and generate a ton of replies, even bypassing the PRL
Permalinks to posts are wrong. Instead of it should be should be #item instead of #itemanchor for the link anchor.
Functionality Posts remove everything in between < and >, or after < if there is no ending > Likely a poorly implemented way of preventing XSS exploits. Fixed shortly after this megathread:
Functionality Sometimes when replying to a thread, the entire page is refreshed. IE9, FF3, Chrome
Super annoying "bounce" when the page loads. DO NOT WANT. (scrolling before the page finishes loading gets reset to the top when the page does finish loading) Chrome, Fx
Article When posting news, the resulting discussion thread in the chatty or on the article page is almost always doubleposted
Article News discussion threads need to have summaries posted along with them in the root post
RSS feeds The new RSS feed doesn't properly encode article title - <item><title>EA confirms Command & Conquer studio</title> - Descriptions are properly in a CDATA, but title isn't and didn't encode the & to &amp;
UI Page number selector screws up on page four. Example Seems to have been fixed as a byproduct of the move to 18/30
Connectivity Problematic router causing downtime for a significant number of users often. Discussion at Router apparently no longer causing issues after talking to several affected users.
Functionality Clicking the refresh icon in a sub-thread of a comment refreshes the entire page and loses much of the styling of the page. (intermittent) No reports of this issue outside of the shackwiki entry, was possibly related to router issue?
Chatty No longer able to see replies to nuked root posts
Frontpage Age-gated videos no longer autoplay on every page load after entering your birthdate once
UI Make the article/footer blocks in the chatty have a black background. There is an excellent Stylish script for this, but it should be the default.
Article Bring back article tags. It was extremely convenient being able to click a 'PSN' tag, and find all articles relating to PSN. Search has a tendency to return unrelated articles.
Functionality Ordering of search results for anything non-chatty related is in no discernible order and it's not possible to specify an ordering criteria. Also, news and chatty posts seem to initially return results in ascending date order For chatty specifically, the link needs to be fixed: Example
Functionality As of the Jul 13 site update, search results cannot be navigated with the next/previous arrows, as the results page constantly thinks the user is on page 1 Fixed Jul 18
Shackmessages All previously "archived" ShackMessages now unavailable Likely lost forever, but it would go a long way if GameFly would just say so.

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