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Changing your Shacknews username is generally frowned upon.

If you still want to change your name, traditionally you should SM a mod once you create the new name to have your old name permabanned.

Known shackers who have changed their usernames:

Old Name New Name Reason
sexninja!!!! ninjase Considered one of the worst name changes ever.
futtbucker edgewise Wanted something more regal, refined, and orthodontic
lazarusb brickmatt Got tired of all the "hey, where you been? dead?" jokes.
dg3nr8 degenerate ScaryOldHobo was already taken
MrFunky3000 deject Original name wasn't lame enough
emocore pandastrong Changed it to annoy everyone
zerologik helvetica Peegs demanded something more fonty
rand04 thewriter rand04 got accidentally banned(?)
thewriter randomposter Wasn't satisfied after changing the first time from rand04
gmd cockducks So perfect it hurts
kpxkrnjc R@zzle Typo
MuaaSan Super Sparker Changed it to match my xbox live name.
hardfl1p Bamtan Dumbotron.
zagzig32 dignan Circumvent perma-ban.
gegtik boring gegtik Self-explanatory
smdever theghostofsmdever ??
karen sympathy My Documents ??
remo Chris Remo "penii""? What is that? The Latin plural of penis is not penii.
Ratsofatsorat Nick Breckon Sigh.
A Sponge Alice O'Connor Oi'll be back.
poopsex_ _jon Visited by God at the top of a mountain in a dream, became a Paladin
darklox devnullgt No very good reason actually
Huntsman Clay Fake monikers suck poo
romulan Hagbard Hated that stupid handle
icon_of_syn Druuge Shack search didn't seem to appreciate the underscores.
mayo dougb  ?
dougb kgargonmagrix79  ?
kgargonmagrix79 kgargs  ? documented here
smegmar MrBlarg Match name from Steam. It was a dumb name anyway.
Legolas5 @gamedreamer To match accounts on other sites [1]
@gamedreamer GameDreamer Because @gamedreamer was ridiculous.
mojoald (mojo) He wanted it shorter but then it was too short so he made up for it with parentheses [2]
jbury Borrowed Ladder He says he was escaping an ex but we all know he was trying to escape his cooking history.
cam3lt0sis the city To annoy and confuse Borzoi [3]
Moonbase Moonbase Commander He was promoted from Moonbase to Moonbase Commander. I'm not actually sure if that's a promotion.
ra1n shabuttle It was a social experiment. Results to be published in Psychology Today.
lja83 Herman Toothrot lja83 just lacked the regality and professional air of Herman Toothrot. [4]
??? TimeDoctor Huge Dr. Who fan but couldn't exactly remember the main character's name. [5]
Bamtan W T f.....??? Had to get past that 6 character minimum. If only there was also a stupidity minimum.
f..... 'flip' f..... was given an ultimatum and went the (mojo) route of surrounding punctuation.
MagicWishMonkey MaximDiscord Because the lightin' bolt, yo!
?? stoned wallaby crop circle redfive is an asshole genius [6]
timaste timmytaste Decade overdue refresh.
The Grolar Bear The Gorilla Bear At least it's not The Granola Bear.
thaPerfectDrug Dave-A NOC.
oceanstate8 JohnnyVoxel DozIR_ told him not to.
jingletard Oh Well Was called out too many times about the name's potential sensitivity issues, and to match his twitch username..
jingletard Jingletardigrade Was too confusing for vitek r and others, so changed again.
Rigor Morts dewhickey My 4 year old asked me what Rigor Morts was when my wife was making fun of my steam name.

Name changes that didn't take:

Name Temporary Name Reason
thief acyberkinetickeats lol. Okay, it was supposed to be acybernetickeats.
Morgin Goalie Just happened.
ConsFEARacy Space Cadet Harris Stripped of rank.
pancake humper Sothebys So glad this didn't stick, and now he can never change it. Ever.
Rigor Morts The Man With No Name  ? documented here
g0nk fruitlewps He opted out and then back in
ArB PigDick I really can't imagine why he changed it back.
systatic JouleThief Shortest name chang ever [7]
krym3 Chickan! Only took three years to see the error of his ways.