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Shackers use a wide variety of acronyms, or short hand, because we have more important things to do. Like play games, fap, or argue.


Am I The Only One
This came out of the trend of some people to start posts with, "Am I the only one who *insert perceived unpopular opinion/action here*" which has garnered a fair amount of hate because there is very little chance that the poster is the only person on the planet who fits the criteria of their post. Because of the trend, the first part has been acronymed to AITOO.


Fuck Her In The Ass
This is all mace.


Fuck my life!
An indication that one's life is in a really bad state. Usually means someone's girlfriend has probably left for another guy (or girl, but that would probably warrant 'grats') or a family member has died or work is being a particular well of suck.


For The Win
When things are, obviously, WIN!


Get The Fuck Out
Traditionally prefaced with the phrase "pics or"


Hot, Wet, Maarten


I Agree With This Post
Usually seen as a reply to a post stating an opinion that a Shacker agrees with.


In Before Nuke
Commonly used as a reply to a post which is predicted to be nuked as soon as a moderator notices it. Creating IBN posts is not recommended because they are nuke-worthy themselves.


If I Recall Correctly
...I might not, though.


I Love The Cock
It is a great Shackmeet tradition to covertly post using your victim's account, announcing a confession of secret lust for pork swords. This is usually done to exploit the fact that the victim forgets to lock his computer or fails to logout of his Shack account when leaving said computer unattended.


Jack Bauer Power Hour
The main reason we use "JBPH" instead of "24" isn't to confuse people like some initially believe. It was introduced by fsck to facilitate the searching of comments, which at the time didn't allow searches of words less than 4 characters (three characters is the new minimum). This makes it hard for people who want to find discussions on "24" so a short alias for the show was needed.


No One Cares
NOC posts are nuke-bait. Don't create them.


Not Work Safe
Not Work Safe. Far superior to the lame-o "not safe for work" designation that inferior sites utilize. Usually accompanied by pictures of nekkid womenz. If a post has been marked by a moderator as NWS, it will not show up unless your NWS filter is turned on. It is usually put somewhere in the actual post by the poster anyway in case moderators miss the post, or haven't been able to tag the post yet.


Oh, I See
Now you see.


Oh my god happy <person's name> day!
If the person's name has more than one word, there will be a letter for each word in the blank. Pioneered by, and used most often by dognose. Here is an unconventional example.


Oh My God What The Fuck BBQ!
SomethingAwful ( ) has this story in its SAclopedia section ( ):
Way back when, I used to work for a few online Mac Gaming websites. Inside Mac Games, Mac Gamer's Ledge, MacGamer, etc. During that time, I was often to be found on GameRanger, a Mac equivalent to Gamespy Arcade (it's actually better if you ask me). Anyhow, there was another Mac gaming website run by a few Mac gamers with a sense of humor,, which was headed by none other than Frank "Utterer" Caratozzolo. Frank was also always on GameRanger, and we always chatted.
One day, a person logged into GameRanger that was just a bit too AOLish for our tastes. As in, every time the guy said anything in chat, it had a "OMG" or a "LOL" or a "ROFLMAO" attached to it. Of course this gets annoying rather quickly, and Frank was tired of this guy's moronic BS. So what does any rational, sane person do? He floods the channel with as many acronyms as he can. Frank Started off with "OMG WTF BBQ DSL TNT BBC CNN CBS PCP RNR PBS NBA NFL..." and everyone else followed suit. The whole channel just spouted off every three letter acronym they could think of. The idiot got the hint and logged off.
And that's where OMGWTFBBQ comes from. True, utterly boring, story.


Post Rate Limiter, aka, Post Rate Limit
See Post Rate Limit


Read The Fucking Manual
Don't be a n00b.


Too Long; Didn't Read
tl;dr - the words that follow this abbreviation summarize the post in which they appear.
"TL;DR" began life (probably on SomethingAwful as a combination warning and insult to people who posted walls of text. Just the letters "TL:DR" as a reply eventually became nukable on the Shack. However, it can be used - nuke-free - within an incredibly long post to summarize what the hell you're babbling on about.
If you're kind enough to include a tl;dr summary in your post, don't be a moron: put it at the top, before the wall of text. There's no point in putting it at the bottom, because before people find the tl;dr summary there, they will have to read the whole post you're trying to save them from having to read.


Trying Too Hard
Not cool.


Your Mileage May Vary
Usually denotes an opinion. "I thought it sucked, but YMMV". Also probably used when talking about screwing someone else's chick. "I don't know, man, she rode me for five hours but YMMV". Or something.