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What is Monday Night Combat?

Monday Night Combat is a class-based shooter merged with elements of DotA-like games.

What platforms do people play on?

360 and PC

Is there a demo?

Xbox 360: Trial version lets you play online for 2 hours
PC: Some people have a 24 hour or 3 day steampass for the game, ask around if you're interested.

When do people play?

There is a Shackbattle every Wednesday night, at 10pm EST.

How do I find shackers playing and join in the Shackbattle?


The easiest way is to add ShackMNC to your Xbox Live friends, and then be playing Monday Night Combat Wednesday night, at 10pm EST. You can also view the friends of this gamertag to see who else in the shack community is playing.
There is also a googledocs spreadsheet of all the shackers playing:
Add your Gamertag Here:
Gamertag List: (Spreadsheet) (HTML)


Join the Steam group:
Join TeamSpeak
Join one of the Shack servers (ask around for the password)
ShackNews ShackBattle 1
ShackNews ShackBattle 2
ShackWest Unofficial

Game Updates


Changes made in the first title update:
Changes made in the first DLC:


Beta Updates 1-5:
Beta Update 6:
Release Update 1:
Release Update 2: Release Update 3: Release Update 4:

Info and Tips

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