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Known Military shackers: Prior service and currently serving. Service has not been verified/vet checked.

Shacker Branch Unit MOS/Rate/AFSC Dates
00MeatPuppet00 US Navy ? OS2(SW) 1995-2000
bobbman USMC 2/4 "The Magnificent Bastards" 0311 2006-Present
Degenerate USCG CGC Sherman DC3 1994-1998
emnii US Army 1-32 Cav. 101st Abn Div 25B 2004-Present
glio1337 USAF 96th CS/606ACS 3D1X2 2007-2015
HadronFlux US Army 205th MI Bn, 500th MI Bde 97B 1992-1996
Hashd US Army 2-75 Rgr Regt. 11C 1991-1995
Hatchet165 USMC 1st CEB 1st Marine Division 2844 2002-2007
Juno USCG R NESU Seattle ? 2003-2009
Magus US Army 1-325 AIR 82nd Abn Div 11B2P 2003-2007
milkandcheese US Army 1/1 ADA Bn 27D 2005-Present
mindfk USMC ? ? ?
QMS|superdave USMC R 14th Marine HQ ? 2003-Present
Sailor of Fortune US Army MIRC 350F 2000-Present
Salad Sammich US Army 1-7th ADA 52D 1990-1995
Squirrely US Navy USS Abraham Lincoln FC2 2005-Present
sHugamom US Army R NGB-PA 46A 20 years
WadeMcLain US Navy Squadron VAQ-132 AZ2(AW) 1999-2005
WatcherXP US Air Force Retired 2Axxx 1986-2009
xxiv US Army 1-504 PIR 82nd Abn Div 11B2P 2002-2006
zerog83 US Army 365 En Bn Det. 1 62B20 2000-2008
Countervirus USMC CSSC-117 0622 2000-2004
Confrustrating US Army ? 11x 2011-Present

R = Reserve component. NG = National Guard component.