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This article is about the news post. For the iPhone application of the same name, see Shack Alternatives.

Latest Chatty refers to the Chatty section of Shacknews. The chatty is a general discussion area that is unrelated to news articles made in the news section. Unlike the single thread comment system for news articles, Shackers are free to create their own threads that will appear only in the chatty. Threads are filtered out of the chatty 24 hours after their original post date but continue to remain in the system where it can be found via search or direct link.

The chatty can be found at


Link to the Latest Chatty

Previously, the chat thread link found at the top of the Shacknews website would link to the most recent news article that was considered the latest chatty. Shackers would make threads under these new articles and when a new chatty page was created, Shackers would start new threads under that chatty. The creation of new chatties was based on a fairly loose schedule. Normally during weekdays and non US holidays, there will be a morning chatty and evening chatty. On the weekends, only one chatty is made until the next business day (usually Monday).

The traditional chatty posts include the following:

Morning Discussion

The morning post was known as "Morning Discussion" and is usually done by Alice O'Connor. The contents of this news post are usually the whimsical thoughts of the poster. This is usually the first news post of the day. This chatty persists through the usual working hours of the day and is usually has the most posts (apart from Weekend Discussion) due to people avoiding doing actual work at their jobs.

Evening Reading

The Evening reading post is normally made at the end of the work day and is usually the last news article created during the day. It usually contains links to several of the more relevant news stories of that day. Some common posts in this chatty are "What are you drinking threads" and "Who will play Left4Dead with me?" threads. Evening Reading usually has less activity because most Shackers are either drunk, playing games, or sleeping.

Weekend Discussion

These Chatties were posted Saturday morning by Chris Faylor and remain the latestchatty until the next Monday's Morning Discussion. These have by far the most comments due to their long period, and the discussion can get quite stale by Sunday evening. Some have equated it to wearing underwear for too long, which is probably an experience known to most Shackers.

Current System

The latest redesign of Shacknews brought major changes to the Latest Chatty. The chatty is now it's own section on the website. It is persistent and is no longer dependent on posts made on the front page. It is best thought of as a current and ever changing collection of threads created by Shackers. These threads continue to be shown in the chatty page for 18 hours from the original post date. After which, the thread is filtered out of the chatty. The thread and replies still exist but can only be reached via comment search or by direct link.

The chatty will also display comments made from the news articles on the website. News articles in the news section now automatically create threads with links to said articles. These threads contain the comments made under the news articles in their own respective pages. Note that news articles no longer allow users to create new threads but only contain one thread that users can reply to. This thread is the one that is displayed in the chatty. This new design helps to expose the rest of the website to normal chatty goers and encourages participation in the discussions that occur outside the chatty. It also helps moderators keep an eye on all comments made throughout the website.

Many bugs and issues have resulted from the redesigned website. A list of these issues can be found at Newchattyissues.

Historical Chatties

These chatties were older regular chatties before being replaced by Morning Discussion and Evening Reading. The real differences are the authors that create the chatties.

First Post

First Post was the former equivalent of the Morning Discussion. It was usually done by Maarten Goldstein and contained a blurb about the status of the site, the staff's personal lives or something like that. It also ended with a movie quote which posters in the chatty then tried guess where it was from.


First Post when posted by Steve Gibson

Evening Reading

The old Evening Reading was done by Steve Gibson, founder and former owner of Shacknews. They were similar to the current evening reading, except instead of containing links to gaming news posts on Shacknews, they contained links to interesting or bizarre news or events that occurred that day.

Memorable Chatties

The following are previously made chatties that delighted many Shackers due to their unique nature:

Morning Squddission

These posts were replacements for the Morning Discussion by Alice O'Connor prompted by her inexplicable obsession with cephalopods. The contents of these posts were usually squid-related.

Evening Remo

These were evening chatties posted by Chris Remo, former editor of Shacknews when Steve was unable to post Evening Reading (for example, when he dropped the server on his leg).

Evening O'Reading

Evening chatties posted by Alice O'Connor. They tended to contain a higher text to news link ratio than the standard Evening Reading

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