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Chatty Profiles by daVinci1980

See also: Profiles

Alternate Styles

These are put into compatible plugins such as Stylish. These replace the CSS style sheet that Shacknews uses and can alter the color and layout of the elements on a page without altering the content.

Script Name Author Description Screenshot
Nitrium's Shacknews Tweak Nitrium

This style sheet changes Shacknews' default font to Verdana from Arial for better legibility on Windows and some other color tweaks. by Nitrium, RobFlinn, Loiosh, fuell, ThomW and other people. Thanks to all shackers for suggestions - keep them coming!

Shacknews Chatty Redesign Ashun A reworking of the design of the Shacknews Chatty based on Shacknews' Tweaks by Nitrium.
Ashun's Shacknews Chatty Ashun Substantial deviations from my original. Supports Nitrium's Post Expiration Marker. Custom Post Preview here.
Shacknews Chatty Fixes
(Chrome Shack 1.14 Style)
arhughes This is the style that Chrome Shack used for a bit. Simple fixes to shacknews chatty:
  • Change header and footer to black, fix link colors, invert gamefly logo
  • Unbold user names
  • Remove text shadow from original poster
Shacknews White and Blue dumb. Re-theming the newly designed Shack News chatty to match the rest of the site, with a white background and blue highlights. Doubles as a worksafe theme.
Style Chatty blue and white.png
Black Chatty haiku Shacknews Black Chatty (He is the best at Shacknews)
Style black chatty.png
Shacknews chatty alternation ant_hillbilly Credit to nitrium, rob, and someone else I can't remember. TODO
Shacknews Bamtam ysbreker Inspired by a post by Bamtam, this style has rounded corners and repositions some of the controls on a post.
Style bamtam.png
Shacknews White and Round TroZ A white version of a variation on Bamtam's suggested style ( ), that uses curved corners everywhere, with a few other tweeks. Based off of ovrlrd version of ysbreaker's style. see and

Most posts have a blue title bar, informative have purple, NWS have red, offtopic have green, and political should have orange.

Style bamtanwhiteround.png
Ashun's NuNu Shack Ashun Embrace the purple! Modified version of my previous style to match the July 2014 Shack redesign and better integrate the Chatty into article pages.
ShackNus by fuell fuell Some minor tweaks for the chatty to improve readability and bring it in line with the latest site redesign's colour scheme (i.e., more purple; moderation marks on the left-hand side of posts to match the main Shacknews page; the weird purple gradient from the main page is in the chatty header now too). Features alternate fonts, some new icons, and better calling-out of moderator tagged replies.

Firefox Greasemonkey Scripts (that may also work on other browsers)

The following is a list of Greasemonkey scripts that can be used to customize your Shacknews experience.

Get Greasemonkey here. ThomW's Greasemonkey Hell

Script Name Browsers New Shack Compatible Author Description
ShackLOL Yes ThomW Adds [lol] link to posts. You want this. Chrome users see below.
Youtube Embedinator Yes ThomW Replaces links to popular video sites with embedded videos.
Collapse this post Yes ThomW Makes the collapse buttons actually work! (Persistent collapsing).
Snapback Fix Yes jra101 Fixes NuShack from scrolling back to the top after you reply.
Working Comment Filter Yes c0bra Comment filtration that works on the nu-shack
Post Preview Yes Pieman, updated by zebosausamite Adds a Preview button next to Post. Preview your posts before posting. To place the Preview button on the right, edit the script. You can click on the preview area to go back to editing.
Shack-chan2 FF, Chrome Yes TroZ Turns image and video links into embedded images and videos. Recognizes a plethora of hosting sites. Settings available under the filters link or at the upper left of this page
Friend or Foe FF, Chrome Yes TroZ Colors user account names for comments system. With a vengeance. Settings available under the filters link or at the upper left of this page
For New Shack, can add News Headlines back to top of chatty and highlight News Article Root posts in chatty.
Chatty News Chrome, FF Yes TroZ Adds News Headlines to the top of the Chatty page (hover for preview) and adds the article preview to the 'Shacknews' article posts. Can add news article image to chatty background and a few other features, all optional. Settings appear in the chatty filters section.
NOTE: Enabling Image background of FF 3.6 made scrolling very slow. FF 4 not tested yet. Chrome works fine.
Already Read the Rules Yes Flying h4x0r Removes the link to Read the Rules under the post button. Prevents mis-click and losing your post.
Sparkly Comics Yes ThomW, sparkly Sparkly emotes his posts
agentlead ellipses remover Yes c0bra Removes those pesky ellipses from agentlead's posts, leaving them pristine and readable.
Make Shacknews Nav Awesome Yes c0bra Makes the shacknews navbar really awesome
avatar_58 is sad Yes c0bra avatar_58 is very very sad
Post Expiration Time Marker Yes Nitrium Adds a small marker that shows how much time is left before the root post expires (24-hour cycle).
Comment Search Condenser Yes indosauros Reformats new shack comment search results into a much smaller format
N-FINIT Shack FF, Chrome Yes indosauros Adds "infinite scrolling" when you hit the bottom of the shackcomments
Pinned threads
Shackmessage multiple people
Imports Shacknews news posts blurbs
Settings appear in the chatty filters section.
Shackpics -> Chattypics Fixer FF, Chrome Yes ThomW Fixes links to point to
User Popup Menu FF, Chrome Yes ThomW Adds dropdown menus to username in the upper right of all pages, and to post authors' names as well
Random Name Colors ? Tissen Everyone gets a random color!
Comment Filter ? ThomW Filter out Shacknews comments you're not interested in.
Shack Comment Tags ? naabster and ThomW Adds "Shack Comment Tags" Legend besides the comment form. Try out the tag hotkeys with Alt+Shift+ in Windows, Alt+ on Macs.
Message Popup ? ieGod See the official Popup script page. Hover over a post preview line to bring up the post. Enables a small popup containing the post content of preview lines when hovering over Shacknews comments.
Category Banners ? OverloadUT Adds "NWS" style banners on top of other type of posts. (Stupid, Political, etc.)
Shackname Linkifier ? OverloadUT Turns yellow names into links to profile.
New Comments Marker ? OverloadUT Marks which comments are new since your last refresh.
Thread Watcher ? OverloadUT Auto-refresh thread view and notify on titlebar on new reply.
Image Loader ? dodob, updated by Horn Loads an image in the post when an image link is clicked. Click the image to hide. Click on the right side of the image to enlarge.
Post Get ? dodob Get and embed shackpost on click. Similar to Image Loader, but for posts.
ShackNavigationKeys ? dodob Press 'h' for a list of shortcuts available after install. Useful keys: H, J, K, L, v.
Shack Renamer ? dodob Rename a Shacker.
Shacktag Live Preview ? rock elf ShackTag Syntax Check and Post Preview: Checks tags and reports in human language. Adds Live Preview.
Shackmarks ? erotic sock See the official Shackmarks page. Adds ability to bookmark shackposts.
Shack SFW ? ThomW White Shack. For faster black-to-white, try the Shack SFW Stylish stylesheet.
Shack-Quick-User ? anthonybean Clicking a username in chatty shows quick info without having to visit their profile.
Edgewise Deadpan Comics ? ThomW, sparkly, DrWaffles, Rich McNinch Edgewise shows no emotion
Shacknews Gallery Keyboard Navigation ? DOOManiac Let's you use the left & right arrow keys to browser the image galleries on Shacknews.
Auto-HD ShackVideos ? DOOManiac Automatically selects the 'HD' option (if available) when viewing content on
Winchatty Search replace ? ThomW Replaces the standard Shacknews comments search with the alternate Winchatty search
Make New Comment box Wider No dodob By default, the New Comment user input box is very narrow, squishing ShackCommentTags to the bottom, even if your monitor can fit it on the right side. This script makes ShackCommentTags flow to the right. Can also be done with userContent.css or Stylish extension.
Shack Local Times No Pieman Makes shack times local times. Check your Shack Account Settings after install.
Shack Profile Improvement No TroZ It cleans up profiles a bit, hiding the game library blocks, making your Steam and Xbox profile names into links, and shows your xbox avatar. - No profiles in new shack yet
Gamer Compatibility Script No TroZ Makes the 'Gamer Compatibility Box' in other user's profiles actually work. Mostly for humor value. [1] - No profiles in new shack yet
Shack++ No TroZ Interface improvements for most pages on the Shack, based upon Steam's new 'Details' view. Adds Images behind text and other assorted improvements. [2] [3] [4]

Google Chrome Extension

  1. Get Google Chrome
  2. Download the Chrome Shack extension

NOTE: You no longer have to be running a beta or dev build to use Chrome extensions. They're supported in the mainstream release.

Currently, the extension contains the following scripts (see above table for descriptions):

  • ShackLOL (with customizable tags)
  • Comment tags
  • Post preview
  • Mod Marker
  • Category Banners
  • Image Loader
  • Collapse Fixer
  • Adds WinChatty to search box
  • Profile page enhancements
  • Gegtik Comics
  • Sparkly Comics
  • Auto-updating


To modify the settings, click the extension's icon in the address bar that appears when you're visiting the Shack.

Safari Extension

  1. Get Safari
  2. Download the Shackfari extension

This extension was written by DianeOfTheMoon and is open for contributions on GitHub.

Currently this extension contains the following scripts:

  • ShackLOL
  • Comment tags
  • Collapse Fixer
  • New Comment Marker (reimplemented with enhancements)
  • Profile page enhancements
  • Mod marker
  • Auto-updating

Firefox Extension

  1. Get Firefox (34+)
  2. Install FoxyShack by fuell

This extension adds the following to

  • Redesigned header bar with expanded menu options (image)
  • A rotating list of recent articles posted on Shacknews
  • Persistent collapse
  • Live Shack message updating with previews (image)
  • Live Shacknews Twitch status updates with stream details
  • Inline image and video loading (image)
  • Upload and insert images from postbox via context menu
  • New post marking (image)
  • Local bookmarking (image)
  • User notes system
  • Post expiration timer
  • Customizable colour theme (image)
  • Keyword / user filtering (image)
  • Auto-updates through Firefox's extension updater