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List of Available Comment Tags

Style Tag Alternative Tag
Red r{...}r r[...]r
Green g{...}g g[...]g
Blue b{...}b d[...]d
Yellow y{...}y y[...]y
Olive e{...}e e[...]e
Lime l[...]l f[...]f
Orange n[...]n
Pink p[...]p
Bold b[...]b *[...]*
Underline _[...]_ u[...]u
Italics /[...]/ i[...]i
Spoiler o[...]o
Quote q[...]q
Sample s[...]s
Strikethrough -[...]-
Code /{{...}}/

Usage Notes

  • Excessive use of color is really annoying.
  • The sample tag can be nested to create increasingly smaller text (up to a point) The smallest size is virtually unreadable.
  • The quote tag can also be nested to create increasingly larger text (up to a point). WARNING: This should be used extremely sparingly. Any abuse or excessive use of this will likely result in a nuke+ban and possibly the removal of this feature. So don't fuck it up for the rest of us.

Don't use the code tag

It doesn't disable other tags and it doesn't wrap lines. Your post will look shit. If you need to share code with Shackers, put it on Pastebin then post the link on the Shack.

Special Comment Tags


multisync being a very metrosexual individual, use to make many posts about cooking, fashion, getting massages, facials, eyebrows waxed and so on, thus growing the legacy of him being a giant faggot. Because of this, haiku who was at the time in charge of the Shacknews redesign, took the liberty of using multisync's username in place of pink as the sample text in the shack tags legend. [1]


At one time there was a rainbow tag put in place but was abused and disabled, then later re-enabled so only haiku could use it.[2]


While involved in a Shacknews redesign, wtf242 hard-coded himself a grey tag that only he can use.[3]


  • Greasemonkey script by naabster, dodob, pieman, ThomW, et al. This adds a handy syntax guide next to the post form. You can also click on styles to apply them to selected text in your post.
  • Syntax checker and preview by rock elf. Useful if you don't run Firefox or Greasemonkey. It does a reasonable job of being as strict as laryn.x. If your post looks OK here, it should look OK on the Shack.
  • AltPostForm Redux by stonedonkey Another web based editor similar to rock elf's above.
  • Chrome Shack is an all-in-one Shack extension for Google Chrome. It adds both a syntax guide and a preview button when composing posts.
  • Shackfari by DianeOfTheMoon. Another all-in-one extension that includes a syntax guide.

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