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Chris Remo formerly worked for Shacknews, initially as Console Editor and later as Editor-in-Chief, before becoming employed as Editor-at-Large at Gamasutra. He is currently employed by Irrational Games, working on Bioshock Infinite where he is in charge of wizards. He also presented a semi-discontinued podcast at Idle Thumbs, the site for which we wrote before Shacknews. His co-hosts were Shacknews editor Nick Breckon, Telltale Games Community Coordinator Jake Rodkin and Sean "Famous" Vanaman.

Contribution To The Site

Chris Remo contributed quite a bit to Shacknews during his time there. He wrote many editorials and features for the shacknews front page. His articles were well known for being very in depth and containing more analysis than your average review would. He was also one of the driving forces behind the Shacknews podcast and the Shacknews Blog.

Contribution To the Community

Chris's tribute to oldgreg.

Remo was, and still is, very active in the comment section of Shacknews, with posts ranging from highly informative to highly amusing.


Remo created several amusing songs based on funny or absurd comments:

  • How to pronounce mikecyb
  • I was my car in refrence to the root post which created the I was my car meme
  • My asshole is an elastic wonderland
  • I Fight Dogs, in reference to a post by ultramega which created the Not even a pit could take me down meme.
  • Niggardly Remo's description - "Looks like one or more posts in that thread was nuked so for those who didn't see it, a guy wanted to sell another Shacker a Wii for $70 over retail, and of course a bunch of people jumped all over him. One guy called him "niggardly" and the dude got all offended. Then somebody else tried to erroneously claim that "niggardly" is clearly derived from "nigger." Snagger jokingly wondered how I would make a theme song about this thread, so I decided to find out."

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