Chivalry Tournament 2.0

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See Chivalry Tournaments for a listing of all related tournaments.

The Chivalry Tournament 2.0 was organized by fry and InfectedSoul and was free to enter with prize money donated by people from the Shacknews community. It officially started at 6:00pm CST on Friday, Jannuary 11th 2013 and ended at 5:00pm CST on Saturday Jannuary 26th.

Main Tournament Bracket

Newbie Tournament Bracket


pancake humper, x4nth3, ghostnote and Juno have donated $50 dollars each. Thank you!!



  • Champion: grandmasterlee awarded $60
  • Second place: fry awarded $30
  • Third place: rockfoo awarded $20

4th place:

  • zlumpy

5th place tie:

  • opengl128
  • Soul-E

7th place tie:

  • ||MM||macleod
  • timaste

9th place tie:

  • peat
  • eyeowah
  • Hatchet
  • whistletits

13th place tie:

  • hpocus
  • trOmblyj
  • Xangorath


  • Champion: sanchez awarded $40
  • Second place: midget awarded $30
  • Third place: pyide_maybe awarded $20

4th place:

  • Juno

5th place tie:

  • Caleel
  • BizarroBull

7th place tie:

  • iCon_of_sYn
  • anthillbilly

9th place tie:

  • mrazzino
  • yakz
  • dengar
  • OverloadUT

13th place tie:

  • Maddog_Delphi97
  • skankcore
  • extrahappyturtle
  • okhelosir

17th place tie:

  • Eirei
  • hirez
  • liquid
  • Watcher
  • EricZBA
  • Deadhorse


sanchez vs skankcore

Maddog_Delphi97 vs Caleel

peat vs Soul-E

timaste vs trOmblyj

timaste vs Soul-E

hpocus vs opengl128

OverloadUT vs ant_hillbilly

Rockfoo vs whistletits

Juno vs Midget

iCon_of_sYn vs skankcore

icon_of_syn vs yakz

sanchez vs pyide_maybe

Championship fry vs grandmasterlee Part 1 Part 2

Newb Championship sanchez vs midget

Full Bracket Image

Main Bracket Newbie Bracket


Matches are best out of 7. It is up to the discretion of the players to play one 4/7 match or two out of three 4/7 matches, however this is mandatory in bracket finals, both winner's and loser's and the championship. Press C to challenge your opponent, and do not engage until they have finished their response challenge.

You are free to change your class during the duel, but no archer and no throwing anything. Melee only.

Crouching is our universal sign of healing, don't attack people crouching in between fights. If your extremely low health and don't want to wait to heal up, you can kill yourself by hitting F10 and respwaning or have a spectator to kill you. This is obviously up to the duelers discretion.