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The guidelines page on the Shack outlines the basics of what is permissible in the comments, but new users quickly find out that there are countless prohibited topics that the official guidelines do not cover. This page is an attempt to catalog these banned topics. A post that covers one of these topics will most likely recieve a Nuke, and the author will probably receive a 30 minute Ban, unless the post is extremely clever or amusing.

Bannable Topics

Poop Threads - aka the Rosewood Rule

Up until late 2014 threads discussing poop, or pooping, were not allowed at all. Currently, as long as it doesn't get overly graphic or crass, will be allowed. [1]

Tagging Posts

Tagging posts by replying with little more than "tagged" is not allowed. The idea is that people would do this to mark threads they want to view later, and use their comment history as a way of finding those posts again.

Post by Rauol Duke

Diluted Posts

Posts made by dilutedq are by default bannable

First Posts

If the first post in a new chatty is off topic or attempts to brag about being the first, it is a bright bullseye for a nuke and sometimes associated with a temporary ban. Repeat offenders can be banned for longer amounts of time.

Character Accounts

Creating and posting with Character Account will get the creator a ban, and the character account a permaban.

Parody Posts

A parody post is a bannable post in which the creator attempts to mock a previous poster's thread.

Discussion of Ad-Blocking Extensions/Software

Any mention of browser extensions or software that strip Shacknews of its ads will result in a nuke and short ban. If you would like to browse Shacknews without ads, consider gouging your eyes out.

Bannable Memes

Memes that were so overused they became bannable. See: Shack memes


If a Shacker makes a post related to their username, and someone jokingly calls them on it, it is bannable. This originally started out as a Shack Meme.

Zebra Cum

These posts were usually in response to someone asking for suggestions for some substance that would help them in some way or another. Here is an example where rosewood requests a hair product.

The Russian Reversal

Yakov Smirnov style jokes of the form, "In Soviet Russia..." are bad news.

She's Cheating On You

Usually put in response to a girl thread. Considered thread shitting

brickmatt=faggot "joke"

Using brickmatt's name as a replacement for the word "faggot" (a meme which spawned out of the Fgt Wars)

no u

A post containing nothing but "no u". First and most often used by klerck and considered thread shitting.

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