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Shackpics is the Shacknews-provided image hosting site. Originally hosted by shacker AtaRi., it was used as a place to upload portraits of shackers. Later, Matt Burris took over the domain, and opened it up as a general purpose image hosting site. Later, Steve Gibson stepped up and offered to host the site and provide the necessary bandwidth.

Due to the pop-up, spammy, and slow nature of most image hosting sites on the internet, please use Shackpics for hosting any pics that you want to link in Shacknews comments.

Shackpics' future is currently up in the air due to NewShack.

Shackpics is no longer with us but Matt Burris was awesome enough to give us Chattypics.

Uploading from iPhone

Using the Latestchatty app you can upload pics taking on your iPhone directly to Shackpics. Follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Latestchatty iPhone app, and open the Latest Chatty topic
  2. Browse to the thread you want to post in (or start a new thread)
  3. Click the Camera button at the top (beside the color selector)
  4. Either take a new picture or select one from your photo library
  5. Latestchatty will upload the pic to Shackpics, and paste a link to the pic into your thread

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