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===Shacknews Multiplayer Servers===
===Shacknews Multiplayer Servers===
As of 04/2015:
'''Current Server (2019):'''
* Server: shadowdane.duckdns.org
:Current Server Info - Hosted by [[JamesArhy]]
* Render: http://shadowdane.com/public/Minecraft/Renders/Shacknews19
:Current Server : ShackCraft.com
* Discord: https://discord.gg/D6E6pDs
:Current OverWorld Map: http://ShackCraft.com  
* Server Admins: Shadowdane, TroZ, watcherxp, beastrabban
'''Inactive Servers'''
* Server Info - Hosted by [[JamesArhy]] - ShackCraft.com - http://ShackCraft.com
:Archive Server Info - Hosted by [[MiamiyaOtaru]]
:Archive Server Info - Hosted by [[MiamiyaOtaru]]
:Archive Server: Archive.ShackCraft.com:25566  
:Archive Server: Archive.ShackCraft.com:25566  
:Archive Server Live-Map: http://ArchiveMap.ShackCraft.com  
:Archive Server Live-Map: http://ArchiveMap.ShackCraft.com  
:This server includes archives of: Mercfox1, Foo1, Iago, Fooboner, and ShadowShack.  
:This server includes archives of: Mercfox1, Foo1, Iago, Fooboner, and ShadowShack.  
'''Inactive Servers'''
* '''arma2.tromblyj.com:25565''' Formerly run by [[BeowolfSchaefer]], [[phipple]], [[trOmblyj]]
* '''arma2.tromblyj.com:25565''' Formerly run by [[BeowolfSchaefer]], [[phipple]], [[trOmblyj]]
* Iago aka A Whole New World (PvE/Mobs On) can be accessed at '''iago.sytes.net'''. Originally run by [[Foo]].
* Iago aka A Whole New World (PvE/Mobs On) can be accessed at '''iago.sytes.net'''. Originally run by [[Foo]].

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Minecraft is the best game ever known to the shack.

If you want to play single or multiplayer Survival mode (the only really fun game mode) then you will need to pay for the game. The game is in alpha and is only 10 euros so don't be a cheapskate, you big asshole. You paid more than that to see Avatar at the cinema, remember?

If you want to make a Minecraft Thread on Shack, get up early and use this template.

Beginner’s Guide to Minecraft

Links, Tutorials and Walkthroughs

Shacknews Multiplayer Servers

Current Server (2019):

Inactive Servers

Archive Server Info - Hosted by MiamiyaOtaru
Archive Server: Archive.ShackCraft.com:25566
Archive Server Live-Map: http://ArchiveMap.ShackCraft.com
This server includes archives of: Mercfox1, Foo1, Iago, Fooboner, and ShadowShack.
  • arma2.tromblyj.com:25565 Formerly run by BeowolfSchaefer, phipple, trOmblyj
  • Iago aka A Whole New World (PvE/Mobs On) can be accessed at iago.sytes.net. Originally run by Foo.
  • Foo1 (PvP/Mobs On) can be accessed at foo1.sytes.net. Originally run by Foo. Formerly curated by EricZBA
  • MercFox1(PvE/Mobs Off) can be accessed at nerfblox1.sytes.net. Originally run by MercFox1. Formerly curated by EricZBA.
  • Shadowdane (PvE) can be accessed at shadowdane.shacknet.nu. Originally run by Shadowdane.
  • m0rfus (Full unrestricted PVP) can be accessed at morfus.dyndns.org. Originally run by m0rfus.
  • devcraft (pvp, mobs on) - running bukkit and essentials (if updated) - mc.empx.net - Originally run by devnullgt
  • Chicken Fur's server can be accessed at ***Cannot connect as of 5-24-2011***

Note: For servers using domains instead of IP addresses, it is recommended that you manually type in the domain to the multiplayer window as Minecraft has spacing issues with copy/paste.


Useful Tools


  • InvEdit - Lets you cheat/hack items into your saved games, great for testing or building something without the grind of mining (which is the best part of minecraft, so only use this if you're lame)
  • MCEdit - Build Maps!
  • Minecraft Tools - Tables the efficiency of different materials
  • MineEdit - All-in-one editor.
  • Rotation Logic for Stairs, Explained by Arcanum!
  • Ores, and How to Find Them, by Fooldozer and CodeRedBeard!
  • Map your single-player levels with Cartograph!
  • A list of many useful thrird party applications can be found here.

Multiplayer Utilities

Texture Installation Guides


Mac / OSX

Simply place the new texture files and UI modification subdirs at same level as your Minecraft.app file. No need to mess with the .jar file to change the textures.
(src: minecraftforum.net post)


  • ..\Applications\Minecraft\Minecraft.app
  • ..\Applications\Minecraft\terrain.png
  • ..\Applications\Minecraft\terrain\
  • ..\Applications\Minecraft\gui\
  • etc.

Sample picture: Minecraft Textures in OSX
(Note: in that picture, the "Zelda Textures" folder is not being used, since it is at the wrong directory level. I was just keeping it readily available to switch to.)

--YAak 20:03, 29 August 2010 (UTC)

Textures, Skins

Server Administration

  • Multiplayer Forums - Great for finding the latest Admin, Mods, and Server GUIs.
  • MCAdmin - Great server wrapper with a slick GUI.
  • Hey0's Mod - Server mod that enables many features such as /sethome to set your spawn location.
  • Llamacraft - Makes furnaces and buckets work, also prevents griefing.


  • F11 - True full screen! No more hitting the maximize button for you!
  • F6 (hold) - CPU/ memory usage bar! Spikes for CPU/ red box for memory, I think!
  • F5 - third person mode!

Reference: Dong Patrol