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The Shacknews comments system is "written in-house with PHP and C++" [1].




Ja.zz was the comments system coded by Sander Pilon. It was coded in C++ and used a MySQL database.

Ja.zz was not exclusive to the Shack. Tech Report also makes use of it for their comments system.



Thread Modes

Threaded Mode

Since laryn.x, this is the default and only available mode to view the comments. The old ja.zz threaded mode was somewhat limited in functionality compared to the current iteration (see DThread below).

Flat mode

For heathens only.


Similar to threaded mode, with a few extra features, such as the ability to collapse posts and navigate the page via keyboard shortcuts. The current laryn.x threaded mode is largely similar to the now-defunct DThread, and replicates many (though not all) of its features.


  • A - Move up one reply in a subthread
  • Z - Move down one reply in a subthread
  • Home - Takes you to the top of the page

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